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LOCKDOWN main character concept art

2009-03-13 10:50:35 by perry-winkle

Here's the "good copy" concept art of what the main character in my upcoming game, LOCKDOWN, is going to look like. You might be saying "Where the hell's his face?!" don't worry... it's all apart of the game. I just don't want to reveal too much of the story line right now.

P.S. Sorry for the pixalation.

P.P.S. Little known fact: I don't use one of those fancy-spancy stylus mouses like most big time flash animators use. I use a regular old mouse. Pretty good, eh?

LOCKDOWN main character concept art


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2009-03-13 12:43:20

looks sweet.


2009-03-18 20:06:27

i'm not even going to lie if you did that with a mouse that's pretty impressive but i looked through your stuff and if you're going to make this game then you might want to go and make it because it doesn't look like too many people are paying attention to your lock down stuff

by the way that animation you saw was just something i did for fun you haven't seen me animate for real

perry-winkle responds:

Hey catfatman, sure took you long enough to reply to my post. It's amazing to see that a prestigious artist such as yourself (he says sarcastically) thinks that my work is impressive.

Anyway, you say that not too many people are paying attention to my upcoming game: LOCKDOWN. Umm... why would they? I posted 4 pictures on a game that I don't even plan on making until the summer. I don't see very many people paying much attention to your stupid-as-shit comics either. So quit being so hypocritical.

I really would like to see you animate "for real". I'd like to know if you have any talent or not. Just make a quick animation and send me a link. Then we'll see who can judge who.

Cheers, Perry-Winkle


2009-03-26 21:07:16

i was trying to give you a fucking compliment and say that it looks cool and by saying not alot of people were paying attention to it they probably wont even during the summer you're such a fucking asshole you gay piece of shit and by the way i figured out how you did you ONLY piece of divine shit

it probably had 2 or 3 layers in wich you drew a snail with a jet pack on and did a frame by frame on the fire coming out of the jet then made it loop then you did a picture of the sky in which you made a motion tween showng different parts of the picture on the stage

i try to be nice but whatever me and my piece of shit comics are going to go somewhere but you and your nice little friend the snail can go fuck each others asses

perry-winkle responds:

Look, I'm sorry if I misunderstood your compliment/advise. A simple "I think you misunderstood me when I tried to compliment/critique your work." would have sufficed, Instead of going all tourettes on your keyboard.

Oh, and congrats on figuring out my Snail That Could Fly animation. It's not like anybody with a brain and two eyes could have plainly seen how I created it. I still don't understand how you could think that your comics actually have a future.

If your interested, I'm probably going to finish the Snail That Could Fly full length animation in the summer as well. I'm looking forward to what you'll think of my "ass fucking snail" then.

Cheers, Perry-Winkle.


2009-03-26 21:08:43

and about the animation on april 2nd i will send you a link


perry-winkle responds:

lookin forward to it



2009-04-06 12:30:12

Looks good. PM me when its done plz :)


2009-04-13 17:31:16

This piece of shit is not worthy of my god damn time. If I knew you I would hack at your fucking throat with scented bootlaces until a fucking river of blood is flowing at my fucking feet.

perry-winkle responds:

Hey Spence... thanks for your support. I'll be sure to kick you in the face.