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[PROTOTYPE] Awesome cartoon spoof

2009-06-23 13:17:45 by perry-winkle

I recently bought the game, [PROTOTYPE], for my X-BOX. So I'm playing the game, slicing people in half, throwing cars at helicopters, and essentially kicking some serious ass. And I stop and think to myself "Wow, this game is AWESOME!" then it hit me... maybe I should make an AWESOME cartoon about [PROTOTYPE]. It's going to be called [prAWESOMEtype]. I have a great idea that I'm not going to reveal just yet. The only hint I'll give you is this: "TRA, LA LA, LA LA..."

Any way, here's a picture of what the opening page will look like. The animation itself won't be as detailed as this. But please, give me some idea's to what you think should be in the animation and I'll give it some thought to whether or not it should be included.

P.S. Sorry for the low picture quality, I used flash to make the picture and this doesn't accept those kind of files. Copy and pasting the image to MS Paint was my only option.

Cheers, Perry-Winkle.

[PROTOTYPE] Awesome cartoon spoof


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