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2009-08-23 14:31:28 by perry-winkle

So I've been thinking about some of my other project ideas lately and one thought has come to mind: impossible. There's no way that I would be able to pull off this kind of stuff. So, I want to start off with something basic yet creative.

I got the idea when looking through some old school notebooks I found. I'd like to make a simple top down, space shooter (you know the one's where your a little space ship shooting at asteroids and UFO's moving down the screen) but the whole art style is as if somebody just doodled it in there notebook. So everything would be cut out of lined paper, and colored in with a sketchy, crayon texture. If your interested in helping out, then listen up...

I need maybe one to four programmers (You'll need to know how to code different power-ups and weapons that our space ship can collect and use, as well as menu screens, character movement, AI and all of the other essentials needed to make this kind of game), and a sound designer to help find/create the music in the game (Something cool, calm and soothing like in the game "Magic Pen". And especially NO TECHNO). I'll be supplying all of the animations and sprites with possibly one other animator.

If YOU want in, give me a shout right here on Newgrounds or at (preferably Newgrounds, I don't really check my e-mail that often).

Cheers, Perry-Winkle.


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