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Need Help Creating a Camera System in Flash

2009-09-16 20:16:39 by perry-winkle

So I'm trying to make this 2D platformer game in flash (using Professional 8 and Action Script 2). I've been searching all over for a tutorial to help me create a camera system that follows the player as he moves, but haven't been successful. I'm turning to newrounds for assistance. If you could, please help! Send me the script, or a link to a tutorial, or just give me some advice. Anyway, hope you can help.


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2009-11-02 18:10:30

well perry i can start by reffering you to flash cs4 it is more easier than later versions of flash however i cant help you with your system in flash because i know as little about flash as anyone you should have no problems pirating cs4 as youre a pro at that right..... anyway can you go to my profile and tell me if that logo is cool


2010-01-08 12:14:09

I can do that! Whats Your Email so I can send it to You?