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What do YOU want fred to do?

Posted by perry-winkle - May 2nd, 2010

If you haven't seen "this is fred" then you better jump on it...

This is going to be a series of shorts in which fred will participate in many tasks, many requested by the viewers. So if you have any ideas, please let me know. I won't accept all of the requests, only the best or most unique.

Cheers, perry-winkle

Comments (5)

I want him to die.

haha, great idea

fuck off...

Persoanlly I love fred (is his name intentionally left uncapitalized?). I think he's a righteous dude. Though, what does he do for a living?

yes, the "f" in "fred" is uncapitalized... hes just that cool
and he does anything and everything...

evilbini isn't capitalized either... just sayin

is there a reason fred is shaped like a condom?........

anyway great flash maybe he should do something subtle since the "feel
of the flash is cool calm and collected

so maybe he goes out for a picnic and eats sandviches (purposely spelled with a v)
then ....radomly out of nowhere jumps out of a airplane at 30,000 feet to land in a forest and engages in a duel with super bear.......

i'm so high right now

"lipid pools of velvet potruding from a rooks rye to lie upon a surface rye to drip the rust a broken try"-catfatman 2010

well, its an improvement from some of your other posts...

fred isn't shaped like a condom, i don't know what shape your dick is... but if it's shaped like fred; you might want to get it checked out.

i like the picnic idea... the rest of that paragraph is lame though.

your not high... your just a dumbass.

Love, perry-winkle

i appreciate your constructive criticism (oh wait thats not constructive criticism that's just you being a jack ass) you probably don't think fred looks like a condom , because you have probably never seen one, mostly because you have no use for one being the dickless turd that you are

regardless of that even if you are a better flash artist than most on this site it doesn't make up for the fact that all your characters are supremely random and really REALLY retarded not even funny

in fact the only thing that made your characters stand out even a little bit is the fact that they are drawn so whimsical yet somehow in a serious way, which is why i suggested my storyline seeing something like that do all those crazy things with that still vacant expression on it's face , even you would have to laugh at that, hell it might even get a good page (even though the storyline has no substance people would still like it)

and even f you didnt like it would it have killed you just to say no thanks? you don't have to crucify someone for giving you a suggestion especially since your retarded ass asked for some, just because you don't like my sense of humor doesn't mean you can go off and act like a dick

your NOT funny your NOT cool acting like a badass over the internet by claiming your assumed sovereignty over everone who tries to say anything and you will probably never ever have sex with anyone cuz you're such a piece of shit

hopefully you understood all the words in that over long paragraph without having to use an online dictionary

go fuck yourself
sincerely- catfatman

kinda being a little hypocritical
don't you think?

I want him to juggle different types of fruit. While dancing.